Site Resources

  • - Extremely helpful guides and tutorials for html, css and other webhosting aspects. Consider the main site for additional resources as well.

  • w3schools - The major go-to for all your coding tutorial needs.

  • Zonelets - A simple and user-friendly blogging engine designed for use with Neocities.

Pixel Art

  • Aseprite - Designed explicitly for making and animating pixel art, and so avoids some of the hassle when having to arrange and work with other programs for pixel art. It's not free, but only asks for a decently cheap one-time payment. Strong recommend.

  • Lospec - Various tutorials, resources and palettes for restrictive digital art.

  • Sprite Database - A database for various video game sprites, textures, backgrounds, etc. Extremely helpful for reference.

  • Spriters Resource - Similar to the above, an archive dedicated to collecting and preserving various video game materials. Another extremely helpful site for reference.


  • Lifeprint - An incredible free resource for learning American Sign Language. Features several videos, images and other resources to aid in study.

  • Photopea - Can't afford Photoshop? Yeah, me neither. This tool, however, effectively mimics all the major functions of it right in your browser and is totally free.

Video Games

  • Hidden Palace - A community dedicated to preserving various video game development materials.

  • OC ReMix - A community for the appreciation of video game music. Features several hundreds of fan-made arrangements available for download, as well as various information on game music and composers.