Update History

  • 9.27.2022: Adjusted some CSS spacing for the header and footer, fixed a typo. Will likely see some trial and error in the coming month as I work on adding new pages!

  • 8.15.2022: Slightly adjusted some CSS, added two images to the Gallery and a few additional links out. (Previous blog posts were re-uploaded in accordance with the small adjustments.)

  • 8.1.2022: Sorted out a handful of things under the hood, finishing the last of that cleanup to avoid (most) future hassle. Fixed the issue with blog dates. Links is pretty barebones, but has at least gotten a start and should be functioning. Some buttons have been added to the main page ♪

  • 7.28.2022: Just some slight style clean up! Will continue to happen over the next few days, trying to organize things across all pages. Fixed issue with blog path when linked from the main page.

  • 7.25.2022: Arranging and cleaning up various pages to prevent future hassle. Mostly setting up pages outside of the main one to have a simplier layout. The blog is set up, but note to self that if I want to have recent blog posts to show up on the home page I'd have to spend some time sorting that out. The code brings up the assumed relative path of the posts, which are all placed under /Blog/, so the links end up breaking when going from the main page.

  • 7.24.2022: Blog is mostly set up and functioning! Two sketchblog posts from the previous two days are up and running.

  • 7.20.2022: Adjusted layout (header, spacing, new colors, etc), and made an attempt to organize the code all around. Added guestbook and site button, removed currently non-functioning nav links. About page is functioning, Blog is a work-in-progress. (Visitor counter was also reset because it likely parsed me fiddling with the layout several times because I forgot a setting, whoops.)

  • 6.28.2022: Site is live! Home and Gallery pages are functioning.